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A video chat with God

Poetry2 min read


A weekly video chat with God
Will that suffice? – she asked

Your voice isn't yours
No fair role
No rebel love
Within cells shall bursts

Within cells interlinked
Wasn't him, Sisyphus in love?

Let the maths thrive
As a rock is never hostile
You reckon, did Christ ever smile?
At the glimpse of a seduced eye

Did the divine came from the sand
Did the sand from the rocks?
Not even your sight lurks
Yet healthy, body unharmed

Human, what's that you lack of?

A life by the minute
The soldier's minute
Live for nothing
Die for nothing

Maybe a doctor for the soul will suffice this time
Apprehend from Caligula

The anguish of existing as such
Of suffering as such
But, questions such as
How much can you suffer?
– Always more
How much can you rejoice ?
– Only an inch

You may feel astray
Derail to indulgence
Entangle with prudence
But empty you stay

- Again, untouched

(Diotima joins the videochat)

Desire wisdom
Tell me, you seek God because you think God is love?

I gaze at this world
Loads of smiles
Loads of pleasures
Orderliness and sense of progress

Christ did die
So you and God can smile
But, I am afraid
Love is not a God at all
Neither wise nor beautiful

Tenderness of the spirit, that's love!
Yes, a desire it is
The center of the world
A desire for knowledge
Out of all there is
Out of all that could be
It is in fact
A constant video chat with God